Keep the Faith and don’t deviate

The coronavirus pandemic has had such an effect on people’s lives some have died and some have cried at the loss of a loved one. It has caused many people to take stock of their lives send it to consider where the are going.

Many have suffered physically, mentally, financially and morally. Many have been left having to make important decisions but for Christians those decisions only be made with God in the centre, anything else just doesn’t do.

We are all struggling to make our way and none of us know whether to turn left or turn right or to keep walking street ahead. Only God can direct our paths. We have to be honest with God which means that we have to be honest with ourselves because if we cannot be honest with ourselves we will not be able to be honest with God.

Let God be central to all decisions that we may make and rely on him for that sure and steadfast support and call on his beloved son Jesus Christ to intercede with the father on our behalf.

Let us be faithful the word of God because if we cannot be faithful to the word of God which is laid down for our understanding in his Holy word then we will never be faithful to him.

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