Standing firm in the faith.

I have been reading the manual of my church demomination in recent days and I find myself for the most part agreeing with it particularly in areas of Christian conduct. As we are a wesleyan holiness church we must aspire to a state of grace which can only come by living lives of Christian purity meaning that we do not defile our bodies with anything unworthy to the lord or engage anything that is unworthy to the Lord.

Maintaining these standards is very difficult particularly in the kind of society we are living in but we must have courage in the face of adversity and stand firm in the faith and upon our convictions. The evil doer is bringing about division in the worldwide Church of Christ and for those who are prepared to take a stand the cost of taking that stand can be rather expensive indeed some of our brothers and sisters have been killed for being faithful to the lord.

We pray for them at all times and for all brothers and sisters who are living faithful lives. In these days of great social change let us be a beacon of constancy in our approach and in what we have to say jn respect of the issues of our age.

As a church we should not compromise on the biblical standard that we have set ourselves because it is of the highest biblical standard and we must not be afraid to call out sinful living or any kind of sinful activity even though to do so may cause us to be vilified for holding to such a high standard. Jesus said that we are in the world but not of the world which means that we have to hold ourselves to a standard which is higher than the world standard.

We must be beacons of hope and light in a dark world. If we have to say things which are uncomfortable to the reader or to the listener then we have to do that but if we do it with love in our hearts God will not look badly upon us.

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