A good Friday story

It’s Good Friday but in truth what is good about Good Friday.

For his mother, for his friends there was nothing good about Good Friday

They had to watch as he carried his Cross, how did it come to this only a few days ago he was welcomed as a hero and then them same people who so welcomed him turned on him.

Then Pilate offered them a choice, he who did no wrong or he who had done much wrong.

A shout from the crowd , “free Barabas” then one voice became two voices and two voices became three voices before long the whole crowd were shouting free Barabas.

Barabas who had killed innocents versus the man from Galilee who had killed no one.

Pilate gave in to the crowd and said what should I do and they said “crucify him”. Pilate replied “so be it” and then washed his hands of the whole affair.

The soldiers took him, mocked him, scourged him and laid the cross upon him. Oh how the agony as he made that walk to Golgotha.

Arriving at the skull they stretched out his hands and drove the nails in, the scream of agony was ear piercing. Then they drove the nails into his feet.

Blood everywhere his blood , the blood of forgiveness.

He looked down at his mother and his friend and said Woman behold thy son and to his friend and he said behold thy mother.

His eyes were eyes of compassion there was no hatred in him. We cried when he said “Father Forgive Them For they know not what they do” even then his thoughts were not of himself but of others.

He shouted out I thirst I was given a sponge that had been immersed in vinegar oh what a bitter brew

And then he managed to raise his head to Heaven saying father “why has thou forsaken me”

Then the Light of Day turned into the Dark of night a streak of lightning hit the temple.

We heard him say “father into thy hands I commend my spirit” and as he took his last breath he said “it is finished”

We looked at each other not believing what we were seeing.

It is finished but little did we know it was only beginning

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