Should Prisons be Abolished

I’m not sure if I can accept the main premise of this person’s argument. Prisons should exist mainly to house the most dangerous in Society particularly those sentenced for violent crime. But should we send a person to prison because their only crime is that they are poor and they have committed a theft in order to put bread on the table.

The key test for any civilised Society is how we treat the most marginalised, the downtrodden and the dispossessed. Do we punish them because of the state that they are in or are they being punished enough just being in that state.

I never thought I would be in favour of prison reform but I guess thats comes with getting older and perhaps getting wiser. We do need serious dialogue about prison reform in this country.

To meet the demands of those with sometimes the loudest voices often take actions without thinking of the long-term consequences that taken those actions will have.

My dear friends I ask you this question what would be worse depriving a wealthy person of a little of their wealth or depriving a poor person of everything that they have.

I tell you the truth that for someone who is convicted of depriving a wealthy person all the little of their wealth then have no doubt that person would be incarcerated for a number of years whereas depriving a poor person that person may not receive a sentence of incarceration.

In the society we live in we pay scant regard to the wants, to the needs, to the hopes of the poor person but when it comes to the wealthy person our thought processes are entirely different. Whereas we don’t want to look after the poor when it comes to the wealthy we have to look after them. Maybe that is what is wrong with our Society.

One thought on “Should Prisons be Abolished

  1. I think if you google and research the Humaita Prison in Brazil, you will find whole new dimensions to this discussion waiting to happen.

    Of course the question is: Can this be replicated?

    I know that then Gov. G. W. Bush (before becoming President of the United States) studied this prison and tried to adopt some of the significant features found there for prisons in Texas. However, he had nowhere near the success. But then I suspect the measures he adopted were anemic at best too.

    At any rate, here is a link to one story on the place. I who knew going to prison could be an inspiration? Yet it has happened.


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