Conflict Related Sexual Violence

Everyone has to think about ways they can help to transform  attitudes so that women and girls who have survived rape in  deadly conflict are treated with dignity and respect by society, like other war veterans

London is a city full of statues, statues to the great and the good in the end they fade into the landscape.

For something to have lasting effect it must have the ability to be passed down each generation that is why it is so important that we collate the stories of survivors of conflict related sexual violence so that they form a body of knowledge.

And with that body of knowledge a programme of learning can evole. A programme of learning that can challenge us in how we think about these issues.

First we take one story then we add to it another and then another then another thousands of stories from women and girls who have suffered in this awful manner.

Yes yes we may erect a statue but if we do that without doing anything else what will we have achieved ?

I tell you my friends for something to be a testament it must give rise to the truth and the truth is that as human beings we have often been inhumane to each other.

And women and girls who have suffered grievously as a result of conflict and war and being raped or subject to sexual violence, they have suffered the greatest inumanity. So for a testament to have purpose it must challenge us to change our ways of thinking because if it does not do that then it is not a testament.

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