Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

I think more and more of those great metaphysical questions that we sometimes ask ourselves “Who am I” “Why am I here” ” Is there something I must do”. Being a person of faith I know that death is a transition from one state of existence to another, from a physical state to a spiritual state and a different dimension . I cannot say anything more for we must all experience it and we will. Each of us have our own allotted time, we cannot change it, it is the nature of things. All the honours that we have amassed during our lives are of little value when the physical cessation of our lives occur. Perhaps the words from scripture are most apt ” Vanity, vanity all is vanity. Some people seek fame and glory for themselves but that should never be, if we are to have it then it must be used to improve the lives of others.

Former Secretary of State James Baker once said, “Someone asked me what was the most important thing I had learned since being in Washington. I replied that it was the fact that temporal power is fleeting.” Baker went on to observe that once driving through the White House gates he saw a man walking alone on Pennsylvania Avenue and recognized him as having been Secretary of State in a previous administration. “There he was alone – no reporters, no security, no adoring public, no trappings of power. Just one solitary man alone with his thoughts. And that mental picture continually serves to remind me of the impermanence of power and the impermanence of place.”

My friends especially those in Parliament the word’s of James Baker should constantly ring in your ear’s. All the things I have read they are the most profound.

Sic transit gloria mundi

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