Remember your family needs

Thought for the day

“Don’t get consumed in one thing so that everything and everyone around you becomes invisible”

We can be in roles which can be demanding, so much so that we put 100% of ourselves into them. And because there are times when we have not been able to finish our work at work we take it home with us and we try to finish it at home because we are either on tight deadlines or we are are trying to give quick answers to people’s questions (because everybody wants a quick answer).

We focus our attentions on trying to meet those tight deadlines or trying to to expedite things quickly so that people will get the answers when they want the answers.

And what tends to happens is that we often neglect the people around us whether they be our friends or our families and it is generally our families that are more affected by our disconnect.

I can speak about these things because I was there and I did exactly what I’m talking about. When I was a serving police officer investigating crime I would take the job home with me. I would become grumpy if I wasn’t meeting the deadlines or if I wasn’t able to provide the answers that people were looking for.

And there are those times when you become so frustrated that you just explode and it is generally those around you those whom you care for the most who get it in the neck is it any wonder why there is such a high divorce rate in certain professions..

I would just say to people now having learnt the lesson don’t become so consumed in your work that those around you become invisible, allow time for your families.

If your manager’s are pressurizing you to get it done, get it done, get it done I would advise you to just turn to your manager’s and politely tell them to back off because at the end your life outside work is far more important than your life inside work.

Those whom you love the most are more important than those whom you don’t not know.

Don’t allow the stranger’s needs to come before the needs of your family. because it can have fatal consequences.

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