A man must be laid down before he can be risen up

My dear friends I have had two experiences of God one experience was an angelic experience and the other was when God spoke to me in a vision.

I want to today concentrate on the second experience. I have this friend I hope he is still my friend named Jeremy and it would be true to say that he is not a spring chicken indeed he is 70 years old.

I had become increasingly concerned about my friend particularly about his spiritual health so much so that I bought him a book call the imitation of Christ and presented it to him September last year.

But I had been in constant prayer worrying about his eternal soul and what would happen if he was to die outside God’s grace.

Now in December I was working at the local mail centre and I was sitting at my work station and had momentarily closed my eyes when I opened my eyes again I could not see anything it was like I was in a mist trapped in fog. A voice came through the Fog asking me to ask my question

I said which question, the one you’ve been asking for 6-months him The Voice replied. So I asked my question what happens to a man’s soul if he dies outside the grace of God. Now I was expecting a pretty straightforward answer but that is not the answer I got.

The answer I got was this ” a man must be laid down before he can be risen up” this answer totally confused me because it was not what I was expecting. I said what and the voice said a man must be laid down before he can be risen up. Then it all became clear we had just had a general election and my friend had been served to his enemies and had been laid down not in a physical sense but in a spiritual sense.

I believe the almighty has tasked me with bringing this person to a knowledge of him before it is too late. The question to be asked is will this person be receptive to my words which are indeed not my words but the words of the almighty spoken through me.

And may God bless you all today

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