Pride….. no thanks!

My dear brothers and sisters in the faith I wanted to speak to you this evening about an important issue.

I have been given some consideration to what the worst sin is that can affect us as Christian and our relationship with God and often with the people around us, the people that we care for the most.

What I am speaking about is the Sin of Pride, for the Christian the consequences of the sin of Pride is quite damning.

I know this to be true because I’m guilty of it, the sin of Pride destroyed my relationships, the sin of Pride took me to the cliff-edge and pushed me in and the fall was long into that chasm of despair.

When you hit the bottom it’s not a soft landing it’s the hardest of landings.

Pride strips you of everything, everything that you were everything that you are but not everything you can be because there is only one word that describes everything that you can be and that is humility..

Pride and humility are opposites, I have heard so many people say that they are proud of their achievements is it not far better to say that I am humbled by the achievements I have made knowing that others may not have made them.

Pride leads to conceit, conceit destroys the soul humility leads to truthfulness and truthfulness puts life into a diseased soul.

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