Help those in need

My dear friends when you see someone in need what do you do, do you stop and say how can I help or do you see the person in need but say to yourself not my problem somebody else’s problem and without a thought walk by on the other side of the street because my friends there are many people who would do exactly that.

Sometimes I wonder what if I had a callousness of the heart would I be better off especially financially, well yes certainly.

Well it’s not who I am and I hope it’s not who you are. It is true that I am of large stature and I am compassionate but unlike the man spoken about by John Wesley I am not insensitive to the needs of the many because I see them everyday.

In every street in every Village, every street in every town, every street in every city you see so many people who have such diverse needs. I know it is difficult to try and cater for all of them believe me in some small way I have tried.

When you see someone in the gutter especially if you’re a Christian or a person of faith do not leave that person languish in the gutter because one day that person could be you and if you have not helped another human being then there may come a time when you are in difficulty and you will not be helped.

No one should be left in the dark you should be light to them as he is a light to you. As a Christian my faith is a sacrificial faith as Christ sacrificed himself for me is it not right that I should sacrifice some part of myself for the stranger who is in need.

I make a mockery if I say I believe but do not practice what I believe. I am a Christian and I am a socialist the two things are indivisible they feed each other. Be not ashamed if you suffer from excessive compassion rather be ashamed if you have have a callousness of the heart.

I hope this day that if you see any of your brothers and sisters in great need that you will stop and say how can I help.

The reward for an act of random kindness to a stranger in need is unmeasurable. You may not receive it in this life but I can tell you will receive it in the next.

And may God bless you all on this Sunday evening

3 thoughts on “Help those in need

    1. What made me write it is that I was taking a loaf of bread which I had baked in the oven to a political leaders house he wasn’t in because there is a general election in the UK and whilst I was walking back to the underground station I came across a homeless man who looked half starved I could not keep on walking so I gave him the bread that I had baked for this political leader and thought to myself well I can always bake more bread. But at that moment I have to do something just to put food into someone’s belly

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      1. I think that is the most beautiful part of your post!

        Thanx for sharing that story.

        Reminds me when I spent about 9 months at Tent City here in Lubbock back when if first opened. I was not really a homeless person, but I acquired a tent and just showed up to join the others. I kept going back on weekends and holidays when I could get free. Eventually, the others figured out that I wasn’t actually homeless, but was there just be with them, and to learn about life on the streets and to honor Jesus.

        Then Easter Sunday came around.

        I took with me a big jar of grape juice and two stacks of flour tortillas and a box of small paper cups. I showed up way before Sunrise. Most of the homeless people in Lubbock who get up that early, then go sell newspapers on street corners all day. They don’t stick around the Tent City. Those who don’t get up to work, tend to sleep in on Sunday. So my desire to share communion there that morning wasn’t working out so well.

        But there was one brother who showed great enthusiasm for me and my little ministry, and he eventually came along and as the sun came up, he prayed with me and ate. He sat there with me for two hours as I offered to share a prayer and communion with anyone else who happened by. But there were not many who came by, and all of them who did refused my offer.

        Finally, I turned to this brother and said, I can still make it to church worship with my family if I leave now, but I really hate to pack this up and leave. Would you want to stay and continue this offering? Maybe someone will pray with you.

        He agreed to it. He liked the idea very much. He was a new believer, and I think he felt very honored to be left there to serve in my absence, a communion meal which he did not have the money to afford. So I felt pretty good about it too. I told him I would come back in the evening and he could tell me how it went.

        That evening I went back. I asked how many he had shared the communion with. He tole me he sat there offering it to people passing by for like three or four hours but never got one person to accept the offer.

        I felt sad for him then. I though, wow! What a lonely ministry that was. Pretty heavy to leave on a new guy like that. I began to express my sorrow about it.

        Then he cheerfully reported to me that standing his post like that had been a pleasure, but when he finally decided no one would join him and that he would pack it in, it occurred to him that he could not gather up the sacraments and store them, and he did not want to throw them out. So he sat there and ate and drank it all. He said THAT was a challenge!

        I never would have burdened him with that, but I could see his dilemma. That made me feel really bad for him. But it also made me realize how important my little ministry was for him too. He was really honoring Jesus the best he new how. And I helped facilitate that.

        God bless you….

        There is likely no telling just how important your work really is.

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