For the poor

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None of us are in any doubt about the levels of income inequality in this country. Would it surprise anybody if I were to say that they were there during the time of Charles Wesley and that they were there during the time of William Booth. For as much as the world has changed and has advanced technologically for the poor it changes very little.

We read in the Gospel of St.Luke in the sixth chapter verse 20 how the poor will be lifted up and be exalted. Looking up at His disciples, Jesus said: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God”.

I find this statement so powerful, here we have Jesus who was all compassion who was all about lifting people up saying to the poor yours is the kingdom of God. He wasn’t saying this to the wealthy no quite the opposite if we remember that parable of the rich young ruler when Jesus said if you want to be a follower of mine then give up your wealth dispense with it all then follow me and then you will have a place in the Kingdom. We know from that parable that the rich young ruler went away depressed because he could not part with his wealth after all if he parted with his wealth he would become poor he didn’t quite like the thought of that yep the reward is great.

Now when it comes to the poor we don’t really have to keep them in that state it’s about answering their needs. Not all people have the same needs but if we do our best to answer those needs I’m sure we will be looked down on quite favorably. What sin is it to ask those with the greatest wealth to step down a rung on the ladder so that our poor brothers and sisters can step up a rung. We should not be about keeping people in the gutter.

Redistribution of wealth is not in itself a bad thing. We have it practiced by the disciples in the second and fourth chapter of the Book of Acts. It is only our propensity for greed and averisk which has led us to the situation in which we find ourselves and are we not all guilty of it and should we not be ashamed of it.

2 thoughts on “For the poor

  1. Luke’s Gospel especially, and Acts right behind it, in my view are the two books of the Bible which are the most potent about addressing the poor. Some of the OT prophets actually have some very potent things to say about rich vis-à-vis poor too. But, just as a matter of pervasive WWJD type research, Luke is ground zero for this bomb.

    But within that book, look at 1:53 especially for a pervasive, all encompassing yet succinct statement. It captures within it the parable of the rich man and Laz, the rich young ruler, the Kingdom of God vis-à-vis Rome and so much more. All encapsulated in a tiny verse uttered by Mary upon learning she is pregnant by the Holy Spirit.

    It seems so benign and naïve coming in THAT setting on THOSE lips, but since Luke develops exactly that agenda all through his Gospel, we really must take care to allow the dynamite of that little verse to explode as it will. It is terribly potent, and yet so easily overlooked, I think.


  2. Reblogged this on Fat Beggars School of Prophets and commented:
    I took a class at church and read a couple of “Christian” best-sellers that attempt to TEACH me to NOT help too much, to not give money, and to take care to avoid harming my own bank account when giving to the poor (among other harms). But if you READ Luke’s Gospel, you find all manner of care for the poor demonstrated by Jesus and directed by Jesus that shows absolutely no concern for such matters. Visit this blog post and let’s get back to THE BIBLE, and trust that God knows better than us.


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