The rich and the poor

There are times when I feel ashamed of this country with its grotesque levels of income inequality. Many people with great wealth probably far too much than they will ever need and many people with no wealth. Do the wealthy know the struggles of the poor even as today the wealthy do not know the struggles of the poor how much therefore has it changed since 1786 when John Wesley preached the very same thing when he said reason why the rich have so little sympathy for the poor is because they seldom visit them.

If you do not visit or associate with your poor brothers and sisters how do you know what they suffer. Too many at the top of the ladder suffer from a callousness of heart and they lack empathy for the sufferings of those beneath them.

We live in a world where it’s dog eat dog survival of the fittest all about the individual but never about the community in which we live. But when we look at the early church in Jerusalem how nobody owned anything nobody had individual possessions and what was possessed was shared among those who had nothing so that in the end all needs were met.

How many of us could truly say that we could get by without owning anything without the possessions we gather around us, possessions we cannot take with us when we go on our last journey. We gather these possessions and they become like idols and we worship them. What does it say in the book of Job ” those that cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs. You do not need great wealth to live a comfortable life what you need is enough to meet your daily needs and that’s all

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