Be like the Good Samaritan

Many of us find ourselves in a dark tunnel and it seems to go on forever and ever without end. But that is a falseness because no tunnel goes on forever and ever there is always light at the end of the tunnel and for me as a Christian socialist that light is the light of Christ.

We need to transform society and not only society we need to transform ourselves and we can only do that through the power of the spirit of God the holy spirit. Some people say that if you are called by God you should not articulate anything politically.

On the contrary my friends if you are a follower of Jesus Christ then you’ll have to speak up about the wrong things you see in society and if it means making yourself into a nuisance then that’s what you do and have no fear about it. The parable which should be the exemplar for our lives is the good samaritan.

The Good Samaritan, a man despised, yet a man who suffered not from a callousness of the heart which so many have even today. A man whose heart was full of love and compassion for the least fortunate and most vulnerable. For many of us being an imitator of Christ is not easy because Christ was perfect and we are imperfect.

For Christ was without sin and took upon himself our sins. It is true to say that in our flawed state how many of us will take on the sin of another. So if we cannot imitate Christ because of our flawed nature let us try to live like the good samaritan doing good to all and ill to none.

So when that time comes when we must stand before the throne and give an account of ourselves and what we have done throughout life God the Eternal judge may judge us kindly.

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