Look no further than Jesus

In my readings today from the imitation of Christ by Thomas a kempis I am reading from the 7th chapter of the second book entitled of the love of Jesus above all things.

Thomas a kempis says these words

“Blessed is he that understandeth what it is to love Jesus and to despise himself for Jesus’s sake”.

He further says

“The love of things created is deceitful and inconsistent; the love of Jesus is faithful and persevering”.

“Thou shall quickly be deceived if thou only look at the outward appearance of men. For if in others thou seekest thy comfort and profit,thou shalf to often feel loss”.

“If thou seekest Jesus in all things’ thou shalt surely find him. But if thou only seekest thyself , thou shalt also find thyself, but to thine own destruction”.

I would urge all who say that they are a follower of Christ to read this book perhaps then again not because it may leave you thinking that you have fallen short.

I am reading it a chapter at a time and then I am spending time in prayer and considering in a very deep way what the author is trying to say.

In my reading of this book it is clear to me that many of us and I include myself are falling short of the pattern of Christian behaviour. We are not imitating Christ as we should . What we are doing I think is that we are trying to compromise in order to fit in with this secularistic society.

I think those in episcopal authority also need to read this book and anybody else in authority at that matter. It is a beautifully written book but the author does not shy away from sayng it as it is.

As Christians we need the challenge in order to be challenged I hope some of you can understand that. Let me repeat that we need the challenge in order to be challenged. In a very secular society it is difficult for Christians and Christian churches to be seen as relevant.

The church should not have any fear about being seen as relevant because it will always be relevant because the church must speak to those profound needs that there are in Society. If we do not do that we might as well shut the doors’ knock down the buildings and each go thine own way.

I see so many people with such profound needs that Society cannot answer. I see so many people living in what I call a spiritual vacuum. They are looking for something yet they know not what they are looking for. But the answer has always been there and it still is there you just have to see it.

And I want to Pray God’s blessings upon you all today

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