Repent whilst you can

I have noticed and it saddens me that far too many people suffer from hardness of the heart and a diseased soul. They are full of nothing but hatred and express themselves with anger. There can be no greater disease than a diseased soul because a diseased kills the human heart and I’m not talking about this in a biological sense in a spiritual sense. The human heart in a spiritual sense should be the place were all compassion resides.

Are we so incapable of loving our neighbour as well as the stranger. We have become diminished as a nation. Our Christian values of love, compassion, tolerance and understanding are becoming a distant shadow. Some have used their positions of authority to spread the evil of hatred and anger into every facet of society. For them there will be a reckoning and the fiery furnace at the end of times awaits.

Even those who profess to follow the path of Christ have become beguiled by evils allure. It is not too late to repent, if you repent a great transformation will take place you will not need to carry around hatred and anger but be filled with love and compassion for your neighbour, for yourself and for the stranger.

The day is coming when it will be too late to repent, the day is coming when the judgement of God will be brought down on us all. If you do not repent you will end up in a place where everyday is forever and no day is today.

May Almighty God bless you, father son and Holy Spirit this day and every day to come

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