Never judge a book by its cover

My dear friends I spoke to a man tonight who had been a millionaire three times and had lost it all to drink and drugs.

The grip that Satan had had over him was so powerful that if he had carried on trapped by the addictions he would not be with us right now.

But I tell you something truly amazing happened, he encountered the living God he encountered Jesus Christ and at the foot of the cross he poured out his sins and do you know what else happened he was forgiven, he found redemption at the foot of the cross.

It is true that we should never judge a book by its cover and that we should consider the person within not the person on the outside.

In my career I have often judged people by what I have seen of them but never what I have seen in them. Its is very difficult to do away with the prejudices that we may have but if we are followers of Jesus Christ we have to do that , I have had to do it that.

I believe that God puts us into certain positions so that we can witness things and learn from them. In my two chosen careers so far I have seen two forms of vulnerability first of the sick in hospital people waiting with trepidation for surgery a form of vulnerability and in my other career another form of vulnerability.

I guess that you do not think about it at the time you’re so busy doing your job. If I had known this man when he was trapped by the demons of destructive addiction I may have thought of him differently than what I do now.

God saved this man and now this man does the work that God has apportioned him to do. I praise God for his witness to the weak and the vulnerable to the lost to those whose lives are trapped by the demons of addiction.

I consider this man my friend and I do not give my friendship lightly he’s my brother in Christ Jesus and will be till life on this earth is no more and beyond that. My brother I truly believe that we are refined in the fire and that we go through the struggle in order that we can be better witnesses to those who are going through the struggle now.

God puts us where he wants us and right now he wants you where you are and doing what you do.

May the blessings of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with all of you tonight and everyday henceforth.

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