A strange day

Well I’ve had a strange day today challenging the established church. And gently chastising the atheists.

This is a story which really happened and it’s how I can prove that God exists and it’s how I can prove that God works through ordinary people because I experienced it.

Last year after I had attended an interview at the nazarene theological college I was on the bus coming back to Stockport train station. I was minding my own business when a man whom I have not met before in my life started to strike up a conversation with me. As the conversation progressed I learnt that he went to church in Wythenshawe which is South Manchester.

Now I don’t live in Manchester I live down in Kent and I did not know this man from Adam. Yet there was something strangely warming and comforting about this man. He spoke with compassion and understanding. His knowledge of me was more than I ever admit to anybody else.

He knew that I grew up in a Roman Catholic household, he knew that I had rebelled and became a Salvationist, he knew that when I move from South Wales to Kent I started attending an Anglican church All Saints and was on the Parochial Church Council he knew that when I moved from Chatham to Gillingham I went to another Anglican church and again was on the parochial Church Council,

He knew that I left the anglicans to join the methodists and was studying to be a local preacher, knew about my marital breakdown and he knew that I had become a Nazarene. And as I was getting off the bus his final words to me was God has work for you to do.

I found that experience so amazing that someone who I had never met who had no involvement with the college knew all about me. I truly believe that God uses other people to search other people out.

When I recount that story to anybody I am often met with disbelief. If I had not experienced it I would have probably disbelieved it myself but how can you disbelieve that which has occurred that which is fact. God was working through that individual it is the only way that he could have known all about me because God knows about all of us.

God knows us when we are up and when we’re down. When we are happy or when we are sad. There are two paths laid before us God gives us the choice which one to follow, one path leads to the Kingdom the other path leads to another place that is somewhere which we should avoid for grim death.

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