The centrality of God and of his word is so important

As a Christian socialist I have certain criticisms to make on Marxism as a political ideology. The centrality of Marxism is based on an atheistic notion and for that reason alone I cannot stand full square with Marxist thought.

But putting that aside Marx did understand how capital worked, well how it work for some but not for others. He clearly understood how economic recessions occurred, I think he called it the internal contradictions of capital accumulation.

He talked about ownership in common and clearly he took that from scripture because the second chapter of Acts and the fourth chapter of Acts lead us to that determination. The disciples and the early church believed that if you were part of the community of believers individual ownership of possessions went against the teachings of Christ.

Indeed we read from the second and fourth chapter of Acts that ownership was in common. The community of believers had ownership as a community. The individual was part of that community and each in that community shared whatever they had with others in that community.

They did not say you cannot have it because it’s mine what they did was when they became believers they realised their assets and gave those assets to the community for the relief of suffering and to support those in need..

It really is a challenge in today’s world for us to cast off our individualism we cling to it like scotch mist. What I want to ask you is are you truly happy with your individualism or would you not prefer to be part of a community in which everybody shares with one another.

Even for me that’s a bit of a challenge but I think in the end it is the only way that we are going to see any advancement for the good in society. I just want to ask you today if you have a Bible read the second and fourth chapter of Acts understand it for what it meant in those days and understand it for what it could mean today.

If we try to move away from individualistic lifestyle and more towards a communal lifestyle I think we can solve some of the many problems that we see in today’s society. Firstly homelessness will be done away with, secondly hunger would be done away with, thirdly poverty would be done away with. Now that is what we should be aiming for but we are not there yet I do wonder if we will ever be there.

For me the centrality of God is so important because it frames who I am and it frames my very existence.

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