A Communal Society

The kind of society I would like to see is one which each person works not to enrich themselves in a financial sense but to enrich the community in which they live either with their time or talent.

Were each person has a roof over their heads and no person need to go without the basic necessities of life. There would be no foodbanks because no one would go hungry. There would be no homeless because each would have a roof over their head. Each would have what they need not what they want because there’s a difference between need and want.

I want a new car but I don’t need a new car that’s the difference between want and need. I want to be rich but I don’t need to be rich because who would I have to step on to become rich no I would rather not be rich in a financial sense because I would not want to step on anybody in order to achieve that goal.

The society we need to strive for is one where one person helps another person who helps another person who helps another person excetera excetera excetera. A society where everybody helps each other without seeking reward.

One thought on “A Communal Society

  1. I am an enthusiast for godly communism. It takes faith to practice it, and takes others willing to join you too. I am always looking.

    We find it, not least, in Acts 2 and 4. The Jerusalem church is said to have sold all they own, give it to the church and no one went in lack of any need. Wow! If all churches did that, the gates of hell would not withstand the church! I am reading a book on HOSPITALITY now that offers a footnote in some Christian researchers who believe they detect this praxis in the Corinthian church and/or letters and probably in all of Paul’s churches too.

    And really, if we take seriously the creation story of Genesis, God apparently intended something like this from the beginning. God did not create a single penny, nickel or dime. Money does not, in fact, make the world go round. But he did stamp his own IMAGE on the human creature and set them about bearing his image in naked, shameless, fearless, yet utterly vulnerable LOVE. In fact, that is also a good description of Jesus on a Roman cross! And THAT DOES make the world go round.

    I’m with you, Bro!


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