Try not to work out God

I had gone to Didsbury for an interview at the nazarene theological college about this time last year I was interviewed by the Dean and on my way home I caught a bus in Didsbury to Stockport.

Whilst I was on the bus a man whom I had never met in my life started a conversation with me. He said you have been to the theological college, I replied what makes you think that, he said I can tell.

As the conversation progressed I said I was living down in Gillingham and he said he was living in Wythenshawe. Something strange perhaps something wonderful happened he recounted my journey of faith I hadn’t said a word.

He knew that I had been christened into the Roman Catholic Church, he knew that I had become a soldier in the Salvation Army, he knew that I was an Anglican at one time he knew that I was a Methodist at one time and then he said and now you are a Christian in the church of the nazarene.

By now I am totally dumbfounded I am amazed that he knew more about me than I ever admit and I had never ever met this man before my life and I doubt if I would ever meet him again. I said I feel that God is laid something upon my heart and I must answer the call. He said you’re on the right road brother but it may be a difficult one but keep travelling it because God is with you always.

I rarely speak of this event because people might think I was crazy but I’m not it happened, it happened to me and it could happen to you. You could meet someone who has been empowered by God because I truly feel that that man had been empowered by God to deliver a message.

I have always believed in the existence of God but I have not always followed the path that he has set out for me follow. That event on the bus proved to me in a undeniable way of the existence of God and perhaps he has something for me to do.

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