For the poor

I have been watching the televised debates from the United States involving the current crop of candidates from the Democratic Party and I cant say I’m to impressed although I find the argument put forward by Senator Bernie Sanders to be quite appealing although he won’t win the primaries because that will go to Joe Biden the Democratic Party establishment will make sure of that. Bernie’s call for universal healthcare for every American citizen paid through general taxation is obviously to radical for some of our friends in the hierarchy of the Democratic Party who are so wedded to the existing system no doubt because they gain financially from it either through campaign funding or other financial emoluments

The current system of healthcare deprives millions of American citizens of basic healthcare provision. Many cannot afford health insurance so they have to rely on charitable support.

Whilst the Economy is growing most Americans are not feeling it. They are not seeing the fruits of their Labour but the people at the top of the ladder, they are the ones who are enriching themselves . You thing foodbank use in this country is at epidemic levels in the USA it is at far higher levels.

Record levels of homeless are to be seen in the USA. Trickle down economics never trickles down to the poor and it is the working class poor we should be concerned for. When I think of the wealthy the parable of the rich young ruler comes to mind
( Matthew 16: 16-26 ). What was it that Charles Spurgeon said “The law is for the self-righteous, to humble their pride: the gospel is for the lost, to remove their despair.” Every Christian or every person of faith should have a concern for the poor and not only have a concern for the poor but be actively involved in lifting the poor from their state. I fear at times even our Church leaders have forgotten this as they sit comfortably in their episcopal residences.

Church leaders should not be sitting above the poor they should be sitting alongside the poor as Jesus did. Brothers and Sisters in high episcopal office cast off your fine garments and humble yourself before the poor. It does not befit your calling as servants of Jesus Christ to live in splendour whilst others live in poverty and misery but I digress. We need radical Christian people not fundamentalists but radicals who will preach liberation of the poor, freedom from the slavery of poverty.

How many of you this Sunday will depart from usual convention and preach a message of liberation for the poor. If you are regarded as enemies of the state for preaching such a message then that’s OK you’ll be in good company because our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was regarded in the same way because of the message he preached. Now get to it and start making a nuisance of yourself and do it in his name and for the poor.

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