Beware of teachers of false doctrine

An American Church pastor has claimed that the White House is holy ground. The pastor from a church in Florida has claimed that wherever she stands it’s holy ground.

I maybe a devout Christian gentleman but I won’t try to usurp the will of God. Only God decides what is holy ground.

Pastor Paula White the spiritual advisor to President Trump believes that everywhere she goes is “holy ground” because God is with her, and she has the power to make the White House “holy ground” simply by her presence.

Pastor White well known for her television appearances was outed for a scam in 2016 in which she sold resurrection seeds that would give the buyer everlasting life (bit like selling indulgences for the forgiveness of sins) for just over $1000. She also has been accused of stealing from her own collection plate by a fellow pastor.

By what authority does Pastor White have to make such outlandish claims and to cheat people out of their money.

Dear Friends God watches over all of us and Christ is with us but we must not reacon the will of God we must allow God to reveal it to us. No amount of money will purchase you a place in heaven , repentance, redemption, renewal , restoration , resurrection and sanctification. God does not charge for these things they are a free gift from God paid for through the death on the cross of his only beloved son Jesus Christ who was resurrected from the dead and was raised to glory.

We must not allow teachers of falseness to corrupt our thoughts so be on your guard, even the devil and his servants understand scripture.

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