Be bold, Be firm , Be radical

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We cannot live in comfort whilst others live in misery, we cannot say we understand your suffering without having suffered it.

To understand where the poor are we must be there are living alongside them. Some people say we haven’t got any poverty in this country we haven’t got people in need we haven’t got want one in this country.

I tell you my brothers and sisters we have got poverty, we have got want and we have got need we just need to open our eyes to see it because it is all around us.

This Sunday when you are in your churches when you are in the pulpit don’t preach something safe, don’t preach something mundane.

I urge you to be bold, I urge you to be radical, I urge you to be challenging.

This Sunday preach liberation of the poor, preach freedom from oppression. Stand firm in the faith, stand for the poor, stand for the lost, stand for the vulnerable, stand for the distressed, stand for the dispossessed, stand for the depressed, stand for the dejected. Stand for all those that society would turn its back on.

I pray that God’s blessings will be outpoured on all of you

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