Sacredness of Marriage

Recently I was castigated because of my views on same sex marriage indeed I was called something most despicable. My objection to the concept of same sex marriage is purely grounded in scripture.

It is sometimes said of Christians that whilst we abhor discrimination on the grounds of race and ethnicity we are quite happy to discriminate on the grounds of sexuality.

Discrimination on the grounds of race and ethnicity is wrong because these things are sacred to the individual concerned and you dont violate that sacredness.

Now in reference to sexuality and our belief in the absoluteness of sexuality is because we consider sexuality also to be sacred.

God has given us marriage and it is probably the most sacred relationship that we can ever enter into even though some of us can make a right mess of it, present company included. in English there is only one meaning for the word Love but in Greek there are four meanings Agape, Phillio , Storge and Eros. There is a confluence of each four in the sacredness of marriage. If we remove Agape from the confluence then each of the other three lose their true meanings, Eros or Romantic love is redefined,

the bible speaks of the sacredness of marriage and equates it to the relationship of Christ with the church, the bridegroom and the bride. We cannot undo the sacredness of a consummate relationship between a man and a woman as is shown the singlaur commitment of the vows that each take in the ceremony of getting married “I do” and ” I will” To say ” I do” means I dont do anything else and ” I will” means I wont do anything else.

Any departure from the sacredness and beauty of the four loves goes against the biblical notion of what it is to be married. Taking one behaviour and make it look like its aberrant is not right, all departures from that are not acceptable in God’s eyes.

So the theological position is clear that marriage is a consummate relationship between a man and a woman and that is to be seen the procreative act and in the sacredness of paying each other the ultimate compliment, this is the theological standpoint.

From a sociological point of view we are in a bit of a conundrum because theology and sociology are often alien from each other, so how do we Christians deal with this dichotomy or how should we deal with it. So here is the answer recognise that each person is linked to other person in the chain of humanity, embrace all people even if we passionately disagree with them and they with us.

God has given us free will some may call it the prerogative of choice but within that we are not given the privilege of determining the outcome of that choice. To every choice there is a consequence and each consequence is bound to that choice. We can look right back to the old testament book of Genesis and we see what it tells us. If we do what is right we are unlikely to be accepted but if we dont do what is right sin will wait for us at the door and will have us.

Any change from the biblical concept of marriage is a departure from the biblical mandate but conversely we are instructed to love one and other. Our responsibilities are clear, never to hate the individual and leave it to God to change the heart of a person. In the society we live in Christians must be seen as salt and light and love and let God be the judge over all of us because his judgement is pure and without error.

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