Stay faithful to God.

Gods word never returns void

Considering that nobody likes to talk about sin, especially what the Bible consider to be sinful perhaps we need to rewrite the Bible and remove any mention of sin and what the Bible considers to be sinful. Let us have a Bible which is happy clappy, wishy washy, lovey-dovey, pink and fluffy.

Any mention of sin should be expunged. Jesus died on the cross for all our sins, no we can’t have that, that reminds us that we are sinners are we don’t want to be reminded that we are sinners because it is uncomfortable, none of us want to be reminded of our own shortcomings or our own iniquities.

The ten commandments needs to be erased because it reminds us of what not to do and we don’t want to be reminded of that do we. Better still let’s scrap Christianity all, together because it’s too challenging because it challenges us to change our lives and we don’t do that do we.

Many people go to church yet understand nothing, many people wear the cloak of Christianity but are superficial because they do not have it in their hearts. Trying to live a christ-like life in today’s society is damned hard, it’s not impossible but it is damned hard. Trying to walk the narrow path is most difficult because it is a path of sacrifice.

I always ask this question what are you prepared to give up in this life to walk the narrow path. It’s easy to walk the broad path because you don’t have to give up anything. The broad path is a anything goes path, it is a behave how you like path. On the broad path you will not be challenged by Satan and by evil things because you’re already there.

If you walk the narrow path you are going to be challenged by Satan but if you constantly strive to remain faithful to God he will protect you and not let any harm befall you. On the narrow path you will be equipped with the full armour of God, the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, and you will wear the shoes of the Gospel of peace, and finally you will be armed the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.

In truth I want a Bible that reminds me that I am a creature of the sinful nature, I want a Bible that challenges to change who I am, I want the Bible that encourages me to walk the narrow should we change the Bible in order that some may feel comfortable without being challenged by it, no we shouldn’t.

Without faithfulness to God there can be no Christian life. Christianity is based first on faith that God is, and then that through Christ Jesus we can be forgiven and are saved. Our faithfulness is a commitment to adhere to the One God who is true and supreme and to keep His commandments.

The most significant element in our Christian life is faithfulness to God. In the days we now live in, we are unsure of what will happen next across the globe. There are wars, famines, economic collapse, and many natural disasters. Being faithful to God gives us great peace and assurance that we will be brought through by His promises of blessings and the reward of eternal life in Heaven.

Our faithful allegiance to Almighty God is the only thing that we can really count on; He is our hope in a fallen world. His provision of forgiveness and salvation through Jesus is the greatest benefit of all if we are faithful believers

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