Who is our neighbour

Who is our neighbour, seems a question we have to ask ourselves more and more as each day passes. This parable is one of the most insightful teachings of Jesus Christ,

Who is my neighbour?

Well it could be from a religious perspective the Muslim who lives next to us, the Sikh who lives next to him or her, the Buddhist who lives next to him or her. In fact our neighbour could be anyone that comes into our compass.

We live in the country where the stranger who is our neighbour has come under great scorn often met with derision.

There are those who permeate anger and hatred towards our neighbour, towards the stranger, accusing them of all manner of things.

We who profess to be in communion with Jesus Christ often do not act as if we are.

Jesus Christ embraced all but did not fail to call out sin and how many of us are in sin. Truly more than you can imagine.

Let us as Christians reach out to our neighbour regardless who they are, regardless what faith they are. As we were embraced by Christ so must we follow his example and embrace others and you must show them compassion and understanding.

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