Think of things spiritual not temporal

How does love work in our daily lives.

I thought I would buy this book by CS Lewis in it he examines the four kinds of Human Love from both a Christian perspective and a philosophical perspective. “Human Love can be a glorious image of divine love” as I read each chapter on each type of love I will give you my thoughts on it.

John Donne said “that our affections kill us not, nor dye”

Since God is blessed, omnipotent, sovereign, and creative there is obviously a sense in which happiness, strength, freedom, and fertility (whether of body or mind) wherever they appear in human life, constitute likenesses and in that way proximities, to God. But no one supposes that the possession of these gifts has any necessary connection with our sanctification. No kind of riches is a passport to the Kingdom of heaven”

Wow is that not that a profound statement and it is not very accurate, we are born in a state of poverty, and we will die in a state of poverty for we can take nothing with us. Yet we are so consumed in trying to gather riches and possessions. We spend all our lives in pursuit of things which fundamentally are no use to us.

I saw a house being emptied out after a man had died he lived on his own probably didn’t have many relatives, I saw all that he possessed being thrown away into a skip. Then I had this moment of great clarity and thought what was it all about, what was it all for, he had spent all his life trying to possess all that he could and in the end everything ended up in the skip.

I thought to myself what of his soul, what part of himself did he have to give up in order to possess as much as he could. I knew this man and he was empty, he had destroyed himself with the need to possess more and more, not knowing the price that he would have to pay, not knowing that it would destroy his soul. Not knowing that it would cost him his place in the Kingdom of God

Would we be far better and far happier if we were to live simple lives without the clutter of everyday existence and rather concentrating on matters of a temporal nature, why do we not spend our time contemplating matters of a spiritual nature..

We live in a want more society, and for someone to have more it naturally follows that someone must have less. What if we only had what we needed and not what we wanted would we not feel happier.

Our spiritual growth has been stunted by greed and averisk. We have become slaves to it, we think we have freedom but we are just deceiving ourselves, perfect freedom comes when we give up the chase to possess all that we can possess and give our lives over to Jesus Christ. In him there is freedom, in him there is no slavery.

Take this opportunity now to give up this need to possess more and more of things which are of no use., Take this opportunity now to grasp that which is of use, the promise of salvation which God has promised to all who believe in him and his son our precious saviour Jesus Christ

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