Love God

CS Lewis writes ” as Christ is perfect God and perfect Man , the natural loves are called to become perfect charity and also perfect natural loves. As God becomes man ‘not by conversion of the Godhead into flesh, but by taking of the manhood into God’ so here; Charity does not dwindle into merely natural love but natural love is taken up into, made the tuned and obedient instrument of , love himself

‘is it easy to love God?’ asks an old author. ‘it is easy, ‘ he replies, ‘ to those who do it’ there are two graces under the word Charity. But God can give a third. He can awake in man, towards Himself, a supernatural appreciative love. This is of all gifts is the most to be desired. Here, not in our natural loves, nor even in ethics, lies the true centre of all human and angelic life. With this all things are possible.

May God bless you this day

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