Love your Neighbour

In the Gospel of Mark it is recorded that Jesus said this when in conversation.

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

“Love your neighbour as yourself” What does Jesus actually mean by this

Did he mean Eros, well I have looked in the new testament and I cant find it. Eros the physical love which we have all experienced at some point and some people have experienced it more that others and it has got them into serious trouble because it often leads to sexual immorality.. Even ministers in holy orders have fallen foul of this one. No I don’t think Jesus was talking about this.

Did he mean Storge , which could be the love that we may feel for our parents or the empathy that we may show to someone going through a difficult time. Probably

Did he mean Philia, that strong bond that exists between friends who share common values, Probably

Did he mean Ludus, which is a playful and uncommitted love, no probably not.

Did he mean Pragma, which is a kind of practical love founded on reason or duty. no probably not

Did he mean Philautia, which is a self love that can be either healthy or unhealthy, no probably not

Did he mean Mania , This love style is extreme and could end up being harmful or out of control. Definitely not

Did he mean Agape, love that exists regardless of changing circumstances, this selfless love as the greatest of the four loves, it never demands anything in return and is full of compassion.. Now considering the state of society with so much division and anger we could do with a bit more sorry I mean a lot more of agape, Most definitely did Jesus mean this.

CS Lewis that great author wrote a book titled “The Four Loves” I would urge all Christians to read it in fact I would urge you all to read it., because it not only does CS Lewis talk about love from a Christian perspective but also from a philosophical perspective’ Its about trying to understand the true nature of love.

I always say if you want to try and understand the true nature of love then look no further than the cross upon which Jesus was crucified

What kind of love is this
That gave itself for me
I am the guilty one
Yet I go free;
What kind of love is this
A love I’ve never known
I didn’t even know his name

What kind of love is this?
What kind of man is this
That died in agony
He who had done no wrong
Was crucified for me.
What kind of man is this
Who laid aside his throne
That I may know the love of God

What kind of man is this?
By grace I have been saved
It is the gift of God
He destined me to be his child
Such is his love.
No eye has ever seen
No ear has ever heard
Nor has the heart of man conceived
What kind of love is this?

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