The declining church

Church of England numbers continue to decline and there are lessons to be learnt here for other Christian churches. Has the Church of England compromised itself so much that it is no longer seen of relevance in today’s society.

There seems to be growth however in churches like the Redeemed Christian Church of God and other churches whose members come from a Black Afro-Caribbean background. Are we seeing the death of Christianity the West particularly among white caucasians. Is the decline of the Church of England linked to its failure to stand up to the advancing forces of secularism and moral degeneracy which if you look close is all around.

The Church of England needs to renew itself and perhaps this Pentecost can be a time for renewal in the Church of England and it could do that by faithfully proclaiming the word of God which is unerring and everlasting. When you compromise on scripture which is the word of God you cease to be relevant.

Is it time for the Church of England to be disestablished in order that it can get back its primary mission” to proclaim the word of god and to save souls for the master”.

However all is not lost people are crying out for something and I think those denominations who maybe small in number in the United Kingdom may actually arrest the tide in falling church numbers. There is a rich harvest out there to be made and I think you do it by staying true to the word of god. The Church of England has compromised itself too much and has given into the ways of the world. Jesus said we are in the world but not of the world. We should not give into any passing fancy, fad or whim of Man stand up for the word of God which is unerring.

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