Renew the earth

Have we lost our way, are we wondering aimlessly not knowing which way to turn. Lost in a sea of mediocrity, drowning in an ocean of desolation, brainwashed by banality.

Oh Lord I cry out to you show us the way, show us the way back to you.

So many people living unfulfilled lives placing all their hopes in the promises of men. People with so many needs that are not being met.

Lord sendout your spirit and renew the earth. For only you can give hope to those who have no hope, only you can give meaning to the lives of the many.

Only you can answer the multitude of needs. For you were there in the beginning and know all things. You know our rising and our falling.

Oh Lord I pray this prayer today that you will send forth your spirit that it would help us to get up and praise your name. As we come to Pentecost let us lay it all at the foot of the cross

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