The collect for purity

We do not hear the collect for purity as often as we should. Some call it a prayer of preparation as we ready ourselves for Holy communion. Yet it has played an important part in churches of a wesleyan tradition for centuries. Spiritually it is very powerful in its simplicity. When we say it remember that we are joining the early church father’s indeed the founder of the methodist movement John Wesley said it also. I often say it in a personalised form:

Almighty God unto whom my heart is open, all my desires are known to you and I can hide no secret from you. Cleanse the thoughts of my heart when I wonder away from you and think of things not of you. With the inspiration of the Holy Spirit may I come in that communion of love with you. May I ever worthily magnify your glorious and holy name. May I do all these things through the precious name of Jesus Christ my lord and saviour whose life was an example for all to lead, whose death and resurrection meant life for all of us.

Join me today and make it your prayer as we remember his life, his death and his resurrection to eternal life and the promise of salvation to all who believe in him.


And may almighty god bless you this day

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