Care for your soul

You can’t take any of it with you

We spend all our lives gathering things, things which in the end have very little importance. Our need to possess is all-encompassing, we have become slaves.

We live in a “I must” and a “Want more” society, never been truly satisfied. We do this at great cost. We put so much faith in the here and now and we seldom think about the hereafter. My dear brothers and sisters I want you to stop, stop what you doing, take time out, escape the rat race just for a moment. Give thought to tomorrow because you may not live to see it. Be concerned about what will happen to you when you are no more to this world. Even the great Greek philosopher Socrates was concerned about the state of ones soul and he wasn’t even a Christian. Don’t put your faith in possessions put your faith in God and he will deliver, he has always delivered.

Don’t spend your life chasing rainbows trying to find the pot of gold because it doesn’t exist. Spend your life worshipping he who created all things, he who loves you even after death, he loved us so much that he gave his only son to be a propitiation for all our wrongdoings. Isn’t that something, isn’t that amazing, is that incredible, it’s unbelievable and maybe because it’s unbelievable that you don’t believe but I tell you because it’s unbelievable you should believe all the more. Christ was the word, the word existed before the creation of time, the word became flesh and the word took all our sins upon his shoulders.

Give up this need to possess more and more because it will surely destroy your soul as it surely destroys your lives. You can’t take any of it with you all that you possess will probably end up in a skip. Is it worth all that effort. Concentrate on the important things, my dear brothers and sisters I let you into this truth I have nothing yet I have everything because I have Christ what more is there to need.

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