Follow the path of Jesus it is a path of love and tolerance and not hatred and intolerance.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Adolf Hitler was a psychopath however in saying that his gift of oratory was second to none. The way he would draw the crowd in was faultless. He tapped in to the prejudices of the German people following the defeat in the Great war and the severe economic depression caused in part by them having to pay reparations and the global economic downturn.

He pointed the finger at various individuals and said to the German people these people are responsible for everything that you’re going through. The German people bought into that message and Hitler was elevated the power with all the disaster that that brought on the German people.

I have been considering the whole of the brexit debate and the synergies between what happened in Germany in the 1930s and what was going on in this country a few years ago. The leading brexiteers used that same technique of tapping into people’s prejudices and pointing the finger at others to say these people are responsible for everything you’re going through, through the way they articulated their message a wellspring of anger bubbled to the surface.

That which was below the surface was now on top of the surface and it has stayed that way and has increased in its intensity. I’m not sure we will ever be able to put it back in the bottle because once you’ve let the genie out you can never put it back.

The only way we can deal with this message this message of hatred and intolerance is by promoting a message of love and tolerance. It will not be easy and I do not think that the current crop of political leaders are up for the task.I think we need political leaders who will take on the harbingers of hatred and intolerance and not try to placate them.

Hatred and intolerance festers like a cancer and if left unchallenged will destroy all of us in the end. What we have to do is not to confront the harbingers of hatred and intolerance with more hatred and intolerance we have to confront them with love and tolerance that is the only way we’re going to win the argument.

Follow the way of Jesus Christ. His way was a way of love and tolerance and it is the best path to take.

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