Here is love

Almighty God in these moments we come to you as your children praising your holy name. Lifting up the name of Jesus our saviour the saviour of all humankind. Lord the fields are ripe and ready for the harvesting. We pray this day for revival in our land, first we pray for redemption and restoration but we know that none of these are possible without repentance. I pray for revival like the revival that covered Wales in 1904. A revival that started in Wales and spread out because it had your guiding hand upon it. As we come to Pentecost we pray for that same outpouring of the Holy Spirit as there was in that room when the disciples had gathered together. How the Holy Spirit came among them touched them and infused them and they were sent out speaking the languages of all nations. Father God we are ready for another revival such as we have never seen. If it be your will for this to happen then make it happen for all things are possible with you. And we pray this prayer in the name of Jesus who made the all atoning sacrifice.


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