For the poor

poverty quote: “Poverty is the worst form of violence.” — Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader

If I was to articulate a message to the Prime Minister it would be this: Prime Minister whilst you hold the office do some good with it. You have lead a government which has made some of the most pernicious attacks on the poorest and the most vulnerable in society that it has often brought me to tears.

The policies which the government have chosen to enact have been some of the most heartless and callous policies that I have ever seen from any government even that of the government led by the late Margaret Thatcher. We seen have an explosion in the use of foodbanks , we have seen increasing homelessness and whilst this is not seen by those on the top rung of the ladder it is all apparent to us who frequent with those are on the lowest rungs of the ladder.

I ask myself as a person with a deep and abiding faith is this what our lord and saviour would want to see and the answer has to be no. Jesus went out of his way to try and lift the poor from their state and not to push them down further into poverty.

The policies particularly around welfare have caused this to happen and you may be in denial of it because the people around you are in denial of it whether by choice or design.

In these late hours as you enter the Twilight of your premiership you can do something to alleviate the struggles of the poorest then when all is said and done you will be remembered more kindly than what you will be remembered for if you do nothing

I have no doubt that beneath the skin you are a decent lady, now you have an opportunity as the sun goes down to show it.

it is time for the play acting which we see in Parliament during Prime Minister’s questions come to an end. It is time for the stern way which you may frame some of your answers to those who question you come to an end.

Remember all glory is fleeting and having power only lasts for a moment and in that there is great responsibility in the exercise of temporal power, that you do no harm to the less fortunate to the most vulnerable and those who live in difficult situations so whilst you have the power and the authority of the office then I urge you to be like the good Samaritan who came to the aid of the injured fellow when all around walk away on the other side.

If you do this your legacy and that which you will be remembered for will be different I’m sure that is what we all want. Now get to it in what little time you have left.

My friends

You can make your voice heard without being rude without being abusive and without insulting anybody.

Our mission should be to the poor whether they be poor in the spirit or poor in the pocket. To the weak and the vulnerable, to those who live in desperate situations. To those who have no home, to those who have no food and to those who have no hope. We need to give them hope, we need to give them a home, we need to give them food. We need to give them the message of the redeemer, for his message is a message of hope and it is a message of salvation.

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