Fascism no pasaran

In the 1930s when fascism was on the rise right across Europe with Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain and Hitler in Germany. A certain unimportant politician by the name of Oswald Mosley decided he wanted to imitate his fascist heroes so he formed the British Union of fascists. They decided to visit Swansea and decided that they would give a shilling to anybody who attended their meeting. My late grandfather decided to go to the meeting in order to get the shilling having got the shilling he went back home and gave it straight to my late grandmother saying that they were all mad

Following this they held a meeting at the old plaza cinema and what I’m going to tell you is etched in Swansea folklore. Now Moseley was a well-known anti-semite. During the course of the meeting questions were asked from the floor. One questioner asked I work for a Jew what should I do. Mossley then went into an anti-semitic rant and said it was disgusting for any British citizen to work for a Jew. The questioner then stood up it was the Reverend Leon Atkins who was the Minister of a Church in the Uplands at this the whole meeting turned into a riot. The Reverend Leon Atkins was heard to say God is good all the time God is good.

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