Let children be children

I am speaking in terms of state education and what children are taught in school particularly in primary school.

I think it’s important that our children have an understanding about society and people’s place within society but what we must not do is to try and enforce any particular lifestyle upon them.

It is difficult to make an objective comment in relation to what will be taught in these lessons without seeing the syllabus and without having access to the lesson plans that any particular teacher may want to use.

I just reiterate as a practicing Christian that we should not try to enforce any kind of lifestyle , any kind of religious belief or anything else. I also believe that it is not right at primary school age that we should be getting our children to explore their own sexuality.

We can talk about it for sure but primary school age is not the place for these things to be discussed. I do wish that we allow our children to develop in their own way and at their own speed. I think we have to have a reasoned/ debate on these issues and we must take the heat out of the conversation.

I understand the concerns that people from the Islamic faith may have on this matter and they do have a right to voice their concerns in a respectful and dignified way what we have seen with this particular group is that they do exactly the opposite.

Even within some Christian families that are equally concerns about how this is going to pan out. And we should all be able to voice our concerns in a safe environment I would ajudge that shouting at people on the street or shouting at teachers going into school does not do that.. there has to be safe environments where these matters can be discussed.

Parliament has legislated these changes to the curriculum occur there was always going to be a stress point and there always is when matters of law conflict with the individuals culture and religious beliefs. But shouting at people being abusive to people doesn’t serve anybody very well.

Article 26 -3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights does state that parents have the prior right to determine the education of their children and the United Kingdom is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Well that’s all I’ve got to say. May God bless you this day.

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