Jesus ” is my word not enough”

Just before Jesus was crucified he gave this command to his disciples ” love one another as I have loved you” Jesus was talking about developing and having a heart full of compassion for the least fortunate the most vulnerable and those who are generally shunned from society.

I have often heard Christian people say I’m not going anywhere near that person because they’re a sinner, problem is that we are all sinners. Perhaps with that knowledge we should exclude ourselves from polite society and live a hermit like existence.

There is no doubt that there are groups within society who have suffered terrible privations because of who they are. During Jesus’s life he had a tendency to mix with those whom the society at the time shunned and excluded.

If we are true to our calling as Christians then we must do what Jesus did we must mix with the least fortunate, we must mix with the most vulnerable and we must mix with those who are shunned by society because of what they are and who they are

If we do not do this we fail to obey the command left by our lord and saviour to love one another as I have loved you. We must become inclusive and not exclusive, we must welcome all into God’s house whatever they are, whoever they are and wherever they are.

We must encourage all to develop a loving relationship with God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The rest we can leave to the all atoning work started at the cross by the crucifixion of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Christ has embraced us so must we embrace others.

And may God bless you this day

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