A room on fire

Well I don’t know where to start ,it seems all too incredible, we were together in this room, Jesus was there and he said John baptized with water, you will baptize with the Holy Spirit. None of us knew what he meant and before we could ask him he was taken away on a cloud.

We were waiting and praying in the upper room when suddenly an Almighty sound like the rushing of wind blew through the house. The room we were in seemed to be on fire. We were all touched by the flames and it had a miraculous effect on us. I have never been a man of great learning and just speak the language of my father’s but not anymore , now I can speak in the language of the Persian’s

With this new gift I can speak and converse with those who live in Persia. I went outside and spoke and to my amazement people could understand me. With this new found method of expression I’m going to do more.

On this Pentecost Sunday are you going to do more, on this Pentecost Sunday will you be touched by the Holy Spirit

There will be revival but first there will be repentance then redemption then renewal then restoration then sanctification for revival cannot start any other way. When the flames of Pentecost come they will throw you down and you will cry out to the Lord “take my sins away from me”and the Lord will answer ” thou art forgiven” and you will rise up a new person, a new creation in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit will rest upon you and within you and like the disciples of old you will be able to speak in the language of others. You will be empowered to bring souls to Christ.

May God bless you always

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