The message it’s important

You have to have a message, you have to have a message that people will want to buy. You have to have a messenger who can sell that message, obviously it goes without saying that there will be a some who don’t want to buy the message and would rather buy a different message.

It could be that they like the message but they don’t like the messenger again in that case they won’t buy the message, But that’s ok because there is more than one messenger trying to sell that message. The message itself is constant but the way we try to sell it is different. There are many different versions of the truth but there is only one truth and that is the one you have to sell perhaps this is a paradox or maybe it is an oxymoron.

There has always been only one version of the truth but there has been different ways employed in selling that truth. Let us take the Bible which Bible there are so many different translations but it doesn’t really matter because the basic message is still the same we have just employed different means in trying to sell that message.

We know that the canon is not set out in a chronological fashion particularly in the old testament. We know that some of the letters of Paul were written before the gospels but that doesn’t matter because we are looking at the whole and not the part but sometimes unsuccessfully because we are looking at things through the limitations of our own minds.

There is another thing because we are creatures of a linear existence we think along linear terms but God doesn’t operate in this way. God sits outside the limitations of linearity. We are so governed by time but the Almighty who created time sits outside time, time has no meaning to the creator of time. A day to God could be a thousand years to you and me,

Let’s get back to the message, the person who sells the message of God and our relationship with God what do we call that person, we call that person an evangelist. So would it be wrong to think of the evangelist as God’s salesperson.

When I think of Paul he tailored the message to the audience that he was speaking to. Paul was very subtle in how he used words because he knew that words had great meaning and if you use them in the right way they could have profound effects and I would say that the letters of Paul to various different communities still have profound effects on people today.

The whole of the canon has a profound effect on me because it tells me of my place in God’s plan for humanity. So when you read the Bible you’re not just reading any old book you are reading something that is living and breathing and sits outside the limitations of time because the word was there in the beginning before time was even created.

I hope that these ramblings can be of use to you today.

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