Jerusalem for all God’s children

A few Saturday’s ago in Central London there is a demonstration in support of Palestine and the rights of Palestinian People.

Where do I stand on these issues ?

It is a basic human right for all people regardless of faith or ethnic identity to live in peace and harmony.

It is incumbent on both sides in this sorry saga to compromise their cherished ideals in order to find a way forward. Without compromise there will be no peace in the Middle East. In relation to the status of Jerusalem/ Al-Quds it should not be under the dominion of any one country or any one people or any one faith neither should it be divided into two capitals.

Jerusalem/Al Quds is far too important to the children of Abraham/Ibrahim to be divided among them. Therefore it should be regarded as an international city under the jurisdiction and security blanket of the United Nations that way the peace of Jerusalem can always be maintained.

Jerusalem should become an independent city state.

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