Fellowship in Christ it’s important

My best friend for nearly for 40 years passed away just over a year back. He was 80 years of age and was diagnosed with mesothelioma. We shared many times together over the years in prayer and debating the issues of the age. He would like to read the daily telegraph, I would often say you’re not reading that paper again are you as I brought out my copy of the morning star and he would say you’re not reading that paper again are you. But he was my best friend on earth that is. From a political perspective we had different beliefs he was a Conservative and I was a Christian Socialist but the nature of our friendship was such that we never had a cross word between us. It was August when I went to see him and he told me the bad news it came like a stab in the heart, you don’t expect these sort of things. I said to him have you had a letter from the Secretary of State for Wales thanking you for all your long service to he replied no, I then said have you had a letter from the Prime Minister thanking you for your long service again he said no. I said to him just you leave it to me and without as much as a by your leave I got to work. I emailed the Secretary State for Wales and I emailed the Prime Minister I didn’t expect to get a reply obviously they’re busy people. For some strange reason they felt constrained to reply to me and indeed he received a letter from the Secretary of State for Wales. I then received an email from the prime minister’s office thanking me for my email and that the prime minister would write to my friend. I contacted the prime minister’s office by phone and spoke to her secretary a very very nice lady and I said thank you for your email which was most unexpected however I would suggest to the Prime Minister that if she is to write to my friend that she should do it sooner rather than later. It was a Sunday before he went into hospice that he managed to get to his house and opening the letterbox there was a letter from the Prime Minister to him and his wife. He went into hospital on a Wednesday and was there for a few weeks. I travelled down to Swansea to see him on a Saturday he turned and said to me Jim I’m ready to go now and on the Wednesday he was promoted to glory. I have never forgotten the kindness shown by the prime minister to my friend. Whilst I may not agree with particular policies and I’m sometimes strident in my views about various aspects of political policy I do not think it is right to get into personal abuse. I have nothing personally against the Prime Minister I don’t know her well enough to form a judgement all I know is that she did a kindness to my friend and that must count for something. It seems to me that nobody is beyond redemption that is why Jesus went to the cross. I must stop now as I find writing this somewhat emotional thinking about my friend thinking about the depth of loss I sometimes feel because we no longer have those conversations but also with a sense of hope that one day I will see him again in glory

May God bless you this Sunday

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