The road to Emmaus

It’s early in the day and I have picked up my friend we’re on the road to Emmaus to see some other friends. Our thoughts are shrouded in sadness as we converse with each other about recent events. Ahead of us there’s another person on the road to Emmaus. Quickening our pace we catch up to this other person and say friend can we join you. Please do comes the reply, I would like some company on the road to Emmaus. We enter into conversation ” did you not see and have you not heard of what happened in Jerusalem” we say” the stranger replies ” what was there to see what was there to hear” astonished by these words we say to each other how can he not have heard, how can he not have seen, the whole of Jerusalem was there except those brought upon this tragedy.

As we go further the stranger starts to remind us of the prophets of old and “did the prophets not say that the day had to be so and proceed in the way that it proceeded”. Confused by his words we say stay and eat with us because we want to hear more. On reaching Emmaus the stranger goes on a little more we shout please stay with us eat with us, the stranger relents and joins us. Would you say a blessing over that which we are about to eat we ask. It would be my pleasure comes the reply. Sitting at the table the stranger takes some bread, he breaks it and blesses it. In an instant the weight that was weighing us down had been lifted, the fog that was obscuring our vision had dissipated, the grief that had so consumed us had gone. We looked at one another and felt foolish, was there not a gentleness about this man when he spoke to us about the prophets and did we not feel a warm glow. Then in the blinking of an eye he was gone, but where could he have gone. We got up from our seats and rushed to our friends and told them the good news of what had happened.

My friends are you on the road to Emmaus it’s a good road to take because you never know who you will meet up with and may God bless you this day.

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