Speak Lord for thy servant heareth

I have often heard it said that the Lord uses the least of his servants to do the most of his work. I didn’t really believe it until tonight I suppose it followed on from yesterday when someone laid his hands upon me and prayed that the Lord would empower me to do his work.

This evening in my room I was having a moment of quiet devotion and was praying “speak Lord for thy servant heareth”.

In those moments a voice came to me and said there is work for you to do this evening. A family needed to be prayed over. There was a time when I would question but tonight without questioning I got in my car and was directed to a particular house.

I am not one for turning up unannounced but in these days of desperate need desperate measures must be undertaken. A man opened the door and said hello do you want to come in.

I could see the shock on his face and I said do not worry, I have been called upon to come here and pray for this house and your family. This man is a man of some importance in the temporal world but he is more important together with his family to God in bringing together a divided society.

I am sure they did not know what to say or what to do and I felt they wanted to hide but you cannot hide from God’s servants. With the laying on of hands I prayed a prayer of empowerment upon him, upon his wife and upon his family that not only would they be faithful servants to each other that they would be faithful servants to God.

For this family is important to God and in the work that has to be done, in the days, in the Weeks and the months ahead. Now I am not gifted in articulating extemporaneous prayer. But in this case I allowed the Holy spirit to put the words into my mouth. See the Lord really does use the least of his servants to do the most of his work.” Speak Lord for thy servant heareth”

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