Rough stones

Sometime back I visited the stonemasons yard because I wanted to get some work done and I asked could I see how he did things. Now this was a traditional stonemason who did everything by hand. A piece of rock had been hewn from the ground all rough and ragged. The stonemason began to work on the rock with a chisel and a maul gently he began to chip away at the rough edges. He did not rush lest he make a mistake. He was aiming to make something of beauty, with small incremental movements of the hand whilst gripping the maul he started to strike the chisel ,the design that was in his head began to take shape and in a matter of time the rock that was once rough and ragged was shaped, polished and smoothed.

In many respects the person who has just come to faith in Jesus Christ it is also like a rock, rough and ragged and recently hewn from the ground. If that person is genuine then the holy spirit of God will come to rest upon them and within them. Then begins the process of shaping, of polishing and of smoothing so that , that person can be fit for use by the master. Needless to say others would be called to help with the work of polishing of shaping and of smoothing for they have already gone through that processand they are now being used to do the master’s work but beware there are some who may appear to be shaped polished and smooth but on the inside they are nothing but. We must discern who these people are because they may lead that young Christian down the wrong path.

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