Love is Christ & and Christ is Love

Love is Christ and Christ is Love

I believe as a profession of my faith that Christ was the personification of God’s love for the whole of humankind. So using that as a point of reference how would Corinthians Chapter 13 sound if we transposed the word love for the word Christ. Let’s see if we can make these words become alive so that they are more than just words.

“If I speak in the tongues of humanity and of angels but do not have Christ then I am nothing but a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have all prophetic powers and understand all the mysteries of the universe and possess all knowledge so much as to move the highest of mountains but do not have Christ I am nothing because I am nothing without Christ.

If I give all my possessions away and if I hand over my body in order that I may be boastful but do not have Christ I will gain nothing. Christ is patient and waits patiently for us on that road to Emmaus: Christ is kind and shows his kindness to us every day: Christ possesses no amount of envy. Christ doesn’t boast, he is never arrogant or rude and he doesn’t insist on having his own way like we often do, like we often are.

Christ is not resentful and doesn’t hold a grudge. Christ does not rejoice when you are caught out in wrongdoing but on the contrary he rejoices in the truth and when you articulate the truth. Christ has borne all things, he has endured all things, have we borne all things, have we endured all things, surely not like Christ.

There is no end to Christ he is forever, but all our human ideologies, all our human prophecies they will come to an end as all human ideologies and prophecies do. The tongues we speak they will one day cease and all the knowledge that we have amassed will one day drift away on the wind because this is the way of things.

All our knowledge and all our prophecy is but a speck of sand when compared to the magnificence of God’s creation. But when Christ makes his triumphal return all things will be revealed.

When I was in my youth I wore the clothes of my youth but when I grow into adulthood I wore a different set of clothes and the clothes I wore in my youth I had to throw away. We often look at life as if we looking into a mirror, we do not see the whole picture but one day we will see it all when we come face to face with Christ. Until that time I will only know a small manner of things.

But when that time comes I will know much more than what I know now even as I have been fully known to Christ. So what do we have left, faith, hope and Christ, because Christ abideth and of all these three Christ is the greatest because Christ is the personification of God’s love for the whole of humankind

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